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Cheap Design Furniture

cheap design furniture

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And all I got was this well designed, functional little pencil.

And all I got was this well designed, functional little pencil.

One of the side trips on our recent foray to Dallas was a trip to Ikea in Frisco.

Perhaps our kitchen shall be Ikea-fied one day soon. It needs new cabinets one way or the other. And a few other things. Like a complete gutting.

Never having been to Ikea bebfore I was a bit blown away by the size of the store, sheer number of people packed into the store, little arrows on the floor, rat-mazeness of the inside... I need not go on. Tongue in cheek of course - it was fun.

And the restaurant thing. You've seen that? 200 people in line to get meatballs at a cafeteria. We passed that by. But it made me really want a meatball. :)

That said, we love their furniture. And the price is right. There may be an Ikea-filled rented truck streaking towards ABQ some day soon.

How about you?

"Ikea Yea!" or "Ikea Nay!"


Tetris cardboard furniture

Tetris cardboard furniture

Creating the world’s cheapest designer furniture from discarded cardboard boxes. Help “grow” some unique furniture which will be used by the public at the Royal Festival Hall… and learn a simple, customisable technique for making your own furniture.

cheap design furniture

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