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Primitive Furniture Store

primitive furniture store

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Immigrant chest - top

Immigrant chest - top

I just purchased this chest from the vintage store close to my house. I've inspected it closely and I believe now that it is very old, 1800's or even much older.

Here is my theory: that it may have started life as a modest case for commercial purpose (the walls of the chest are relatively thin, there are no handles, and the top panel was nailed on, though it is a single piece of wood, cracked unfortunately), it was aquiered by a modest person who carved it beautifully with deep arrow paterns all over, thus making it a family chest. The carving is very much like Ukrainian or Russian carving as it was common there to embelish furniture with carving paterns. The wood looks like oak, the corners on the body are beautifuly dovetailed, and the patina is gorgeous.

I'm in love!

Cumberland Mountain General Store

Cumberland Mountain General Store

This authentic old General Store, with original fixtures from 1923, is a wonderful place to browse. A special feature is an authentic '50's style soda fountain and ice cream parlor in the rear of the store, serving Mayfield's Ice Cream, a regional speciality. They also design and manufacture a large selection of nostalgic flour and feed sacks.

Sunup to Sundown

Cumberland Mountain General Store is usually open Thurs. - Sat. Sometimes they are open on Sunday. Every now and then they open on Monday and once in a while they are open on Tuesday or Wednesday. Call ahead if you are making a special trip.

What To Buy: Antique Furniture
Oil Lamps
Vintage Advertising
Country Collectibles
and much more....

primitive furniture store

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