Modular sofa furniture. Contemporary bedroom furniture for

Modular Sofa Furniture

modular sofa furniture

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modular sofa furniture - Adjustable Sectional

Adjustable Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise and Storage Chocolate Microfiber

Adjustable Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise and Storage Chocolate Microfiber

Flat L Type Dimension: 94"W x 34" - 54"D x 35"H Flat Type Dimension: 94"W x 43" - 64"D x 18"H Color: Chocolate and Espresso Material: Microfiber and Bycast Adjustable Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise and Storage Chocolate Microfiber The Lakeland sectional sofa features contemporary styling with storage. Item is designed with chocolate microfiber and espresso bycast leather. This sectional sofa comes with 2 accent pillows in chocolate microfiber and espresso bycast patch-work design. Item allows you to sit by day and sleep at night. This sofa is ideal for any room where you want to make the best possible use of your space. Ottoman is sold separately. Assembly required

79% (18)

Finally, My Dotcom Modular Synth is full!

Finally, My Dotcom Modular Synth is full!

This is my Dotcom Portable Modular Synthesizer finally filled up. I started with the Entry Level Plan which sends you 1 module a month for 12 months @ $100 a year ( $120 for people starting now). I got the Dotcom Keyboard controller off ebay in great shape though i've put a few nasty scratches in the wood already. Also seen here is a couple of my pedals, Boss DD-20 (super fun) and a Pigtronix Envelope Phaser (my company did the PCB layout for this pedal). Finally, over in the corner is my first Synthesizer, Moog MG-1, which i used my electrical engineering skills to bring back from the dead. It has a couple mods on it and of course 1/4" outs.

Three modular buildings

Three modular buildings

These are three of the modular buildings that I've designed in MLCad that I'm reasonably satisfied with. The dark red and blue buildings will undergo some aesthetic tweaks to their interiors and back-sides when converted to real bricks.

modular sofa furniture

modular sofa furniture

Sofa Snap Sectional Couch Connector, Compact Pivoting Mount (Model #938)

If your sectional sofa keeps moving around, you can fasten the sections together with the Sofa Snap bracket. This hardware is used to connect modular upholstered furniture to form seating rows or groups. The hardware is easily connected to the bottom of the upholstered pieces and connects to the corresponding angle bracket. When not in use the device can be pivoted out of the way. The catch fork is turned and the upholstered pieces are pushed together. The connection is released by lifting. The Compact Sofa Snap is used on Sectionals that have a thin frame base and the bottom is recessed. This piece is designed to mount to the bottom of your sofa on the edge of the wooden frame so it can stick out. While one Sofa Snap bracket is sufficient for most applications, some customers have found that sectionals located in high-traffic environments may benefit from installing two Sofa Snap brackets at each separation. In addition, the "Fixed Mount" models (#910 and #917) are not designed to pivot, allowing a stronger connection. Sofa Snap brackets may not provide a secure connection if your Sectional pieces are located on an uneven surface, or if they stand at different heights from the floor (replacing the legs to all be the same height can fix this.)

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